Avian Flurry

Avian Flurry

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This was a work of patience and love. It evolved gradually, over many weeks, working on it at night after my day job, and the vision was not evident until complete. I love drawing birds and get lost in the details of feathers and plants. Although not the initial intent, looking at it finished, the work evokes in me a moment in time... the split second before the peace and quiet in the forest is disturbed by the taking of flight of birds. The repetitive stippling and scratching of pen and ink, and the use of a dip pen adds to the meditative peace this work gave me in its creation from the chaotic business of the days happenings. I hope it gives you as much pleasure looking at it as it gave me in its creation.

(special thanks to Warren who, during the creation of this work, gifted me a magnifying lamp light so I didn't have to lean so close to the paper. It has saved me from an aching neck.)


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